I met 19-year-old Marek at a parkour training session in Bratislava. I noticed his tattoos and athletic build since he was shirtless most of the time during the training. Marek is very masculine, has a deep voice, but he is often cheerful and smiles a lot – he is kind of hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Marek found out about the opportunity to do a photo shoot through his friend Dominik and called me right away.

While we were taking the outdoor pictures on a farm field, Marek was a bit nervous because there was a cycling track behind us and a busy road in front of us. I thought we were far enough not to be seen, but I guess we weren’t far enough for him to feel completely comfortable. Every guy is different and has a different comfort level with these things. Some guys don’t mind anything; others are very picky. Marek is usually very easygoing but I guess he’s a bit uncomfortable standing naked in public.

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