A year before creating this site, I got together with Simon S and spontaneously took some jaw-dropping nudes. Looking back, this photoshoot was in many ways the prototype for Bodytorium.

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A Beautiful Young Man

Finding new models during the COVID-19 times has been a bit of a challenge, but I think I found a real treasure! My favorite way of recruiting models is by

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The Spring is Near

Last week we had a beautiful sunny day in Bratislava (20C / 68F) and the beautiful blond cherub, Lukas N, is back with many more pleasing studio and outdoor shots.

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Kids These Days

So much depends on people’s mood, especially when it comes to trying something new and potentially risky. Nearly half of the models I’ve been recruiting changed their minds and canceled

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Introducing Lukas & Robert

Lukas K (left) premiered on Bodytorium last Friday with his first outdoor set shot on location near his hometown Martin. Lukas K returns with his buddy Robert (right).

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New Video and Other News

Finally, we have another Bodytorium video! Thank you for your patience. Unlike the first video of Samuel S, this one contains full nudity and is available to Premium members only.

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Tomas D — Masculine Appeal

Yet another Tomas. The third so far for Bodytorium. I actually pushed back the release date for his first post so that there wouldn’t be two Tomases  posted back-to-pack (Tomas

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