New Video and Other News

Finally, we have another Bodytorium video! Thank you for your patience. Unlike the first video of Samuel S, this one contains full nudity and is available to Premium members only. My plan is to make a short video every two

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Tomas D — Masculine Appeal

Yet another Tomas. The third so far for Bodytorium. I actually pushed back the release date for his first post so that there wouldn’t be two Tomases  posted back-to-pack (Tomas B followed by Tomas D).

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Getting Naked in Slovakia

Milan, 21, featured in the April 5, 2019 post, is one of my more camera shy and reserved friends. Getting Milan to pose naked is in my mind a small miracle.

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Tomas B — The Gentle Giant

Pictured above: a selfie with Tomas during our photoshoot. So far Bodytorium featured mainly parkour and street workout athletes. This time we have a genuine bodybuilder. Tomas is now in the mass building phase and he said that maybe it

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Simon — Never Fails to Impress

Simon a friendly, adorable young man. I first met him years ago at a parkour training in Bratislava. He was just a cute 15-year-old kid back then. About a year ago we did our first private photo shoot together, including

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