Naked Freedom

Three friends, Adam, Michal and Yuri, appear in Bodytorium’s first trio photoshoot.

But first, Adam tagged along for Junior’s second outdoor photoshoot.
Both guys seem very comfortable. They met through my photoshoots, and now they’re friends. Being naked seems to have a liberating and therapeutic effect on people. I really wish there was a way to revive the glory days of nudism.

The first attempt to photograph Junior rollerblading nude didn’t work out as we weren’t able to find a spot that was both paved and also free of people. A week later, we took our chances on this rural road between two villages.
Even so, Junior had to make an occasional dash back inside the car when we caught a glimpse of traffic.

We went back into the woods for a while longer to take some play-fighting shots.

The Road Trip – Finally

Adam, Michal and Yuri in a shot just before we headed out on our short road trip.

We initially planned a road trip back in early May, but unfortunately Michal cancelled on us at the last moment. The weather throughout the rest of May was unusually cool and rainy, and It took another 6 weeks or so to find a time slot that worked for everyone.

We made a number of stops. One of them was at a defunct train station at a village where I grew up during my early childhood. I’ve revisited this village many times and it was a vey nostalgic place for me to do one of my photoshoots.

We later drove to a nearby quarry where I once photographed Matthias.

This was the only photo I actually planned ahead of time. Although I went prepared with a shot list, nearly all the other photos were improvised. It was a scorching hot day, it was very hard for us to focus and we didn’t have as much time as I had hoped. But it’s a start.

New Models: Johnie, Kevin

Johnie is experienced in being photographed nude but I did my best to capture him in a casual and authentic manner.

Kevin is more stocky than my recent models. He’s in his muscle mass gaining phase.

Johnie will make his first appearance on June 25; Kevin on July 9.

Alex Returns

Alex returns to Bodytorium, this time with pubes.



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